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Welcome to the official website of Peter H. Reynolds... children's book author, illustrator, bookshop owner, founder of FableVision... and an advocate for creativity and children of all ages.
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photo of peter h. reynoldsThanks for dropping by my on-line studio/gallery/cafe. : )

Although I'm a fan of sitting in cafes, sketching on paper, splashing real paint, and talking face to face... this is a great way to get to know my work, my mission and me a bit better.

Peek "behind-the-scenes" at my newest projects before the rest of the world sees them. Read some of my stories. Thumb through my journal to see my private poems and doodles. Drop me a line. Check out my tips on how to inspire your own CREATIVE SPIRIT and those around you.

My hope is that my site can also inspire you to get to that project you've been meaning to do. While I find great joy in drawing, thinking, writing, painting, and sharing, what really makes me happy is seeing OTHER people enjoying the same feeling. I want to help remind you to keep a journal, write that poem, story or book, illustration of a girl drawing a swirl on a table wtih a pencilpaint that painting, as well as use your talents and energy to "make your mark."

I've got lots to share. Stroll through the site and let me know what sparked you. Or what you'd like to see. This is a work in progress... so keep coming back. : )



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Outside Webpages
About, or Affiliated with, Peter

FableVision- my brother's and my media company, located on the 6th floor of the Children's Museum in Boston.

The Blue Bunny Books and Toys - my family's bookstore in Dedham, MA.

Fitchburg State College - I'm a proud FSC alumnus!

Verizon Foundation Community Champions

Everbody Wins Metro Boston - a non-profit literacy and mentoring organization serving the communities of Greater Boston. I'm on the EWMB Board of Trusties.


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