Dot Activity Ideas
by Peter H. Reynolds

My hope is that, after you have read The Dot, that you will be inspired to make your own mark. Use your imagination to explore your own ideas inspired by the book, or try one of the following ideas.

Little Dot, Big Dot
Make a dot. Try making the smallest dot you can. Now, using a scanner, scan it in to your computer at a high resolution. 300 or 600 dpi works well. You can then scale the dot to a BIG size (about 7 inches wide), print it out, and then sign it. You'll notice all sorts of details that you might not have noticed when it was small. Try different sized dots in different colors and try this process again.

What Dot? There it is!
Make a dot by NOT painting a dot. Try painting around your imagined dot, leaving the center blank.

Dot Duo
Take a sheet of paper and cut out circles that are about the same size. Have a friend color in one and you color one in. Add as many colors as you’d like. Now cut the cirlces in half and trade pieces. Connect the two parts together and glue them onto paper.

Potato, Dot-ato
Cut a potato in half and you’ve got yourself a Dot stamper! All you need is a stamp pad, or acrylic paint (which you can find in any craft store). Use your potato stamp to create a collage of many colored dots on a big sheet of paper.

Dot Dash
Explore Morse code - a whole language made up of dots and dashes. Write your name in Morse code, but make each dash and dot in a different color.

Dot, Dot, Everywhere a Dot
Make a list of all the dots you can see. Go on a dot scavenger hunt with a digital camera. Create a photo montage of your dot collection.

Copyright 2004, Peter H. Reynolds. All rights reserved.