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    Issue 4
    August 2006

    I'm back. I took a bit of a break since last ish-ue. I'm glad I said that these newsletters would appear once-in-a-while-ish, instead of a set schedule. Sometimes it’s good to not force things, rather to find the right moment - the meant-to-be moment. I liken it to "finding the wave," not that I surf (well, I do cyber-ly) although, who knows? I might take up surfing when I go on sabbatical. When is that? Hmmm. Dunno, but it’s a nice dream to have, eh? Which is, aptly, the theme of this edition. Taking time to dream – to create. My newest book is dedicated to this very topic!



    If The Dot is about getting started, and Ish is about keeping going once you get rolling, So Few of Me is about making sure you save enough time in the rush- rush world we live in to actually BE creative. Dedicated to my twin brother, Paul Reynolds, So Few of Me is a tale of an over-scheduled, multi- list-making, over-worked boy on a journey to get it all done. Of course, that’s not just a tall order, it’s a tall tale. Life’s list never really ends, but we have the power to be ruled by the list... Or to put it down — and dream. You might know a few people in your life that might need a gentle reminder to slow it down a notch. I know I will have to re-read my book once a week to keep myself journeying at a safe speed!

    Fun Facts:

    • So Few of Me is already in 5 languages (Polish, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Greek!) and was recently featured in USA TODAY’s Book Roundup.
    • So Few of Me was also recently featured in USA TODAY’s Book Roundup – and with a circulation of 2.4 million, we may see a drop in the national blood pressure rate.
    • Foreign editions often change the name of the book to work better for their audience. The Italian version translates to “A Time to Dream.” I like that!

    For a autgraphed copy of So Few of Me, visit The Blue Bunny online bookstore, or stop by the "in person" store, in Dedham Square, MA!

    Find a Surprising Place to Create

    Your best writing may not be done at a writing desk. Your most joyful art may not be made standing at an easel or a drafting table. I personally love noisy places like cafes and restaurants with their lively white noise ironically keeping the world at a distance for an hour or two. Many a book has flowed out of me in such places. A few of my favorite spots are Mocha Java, my hometown’s local coffee spot, or Isabella’s Restaurant right next door. Also the Amtrak train from Boston to NYC and back again provides almost eight hours of trundling creative bliss. So try a new locale for that next project, assignment, or creative endeavor. If you’re a teacher, why not teach math in the gym – or science in the art room. Or find a good tree and do some journaling. If you’re a busy business professional, try writing that next proposal in a coffee shop. If your boss fires you because of it, you’ll just have more time to write poetry and learn to juggle. You’ll often find inspiration and answers in the most unlikely places.

    “Cancel All My Meetings!”

    Why not just dump your schedule in the compost heap for a day? Not just work, but supposed “free time.” I have a friend whose weekends are booked solid with weddings baby showers, barbeques, and special events. She sighs heavily sometimes wondering when she’ll get a day for herself. Sometimes it just takes a brave pencil line through an event or two and re-claim an ambling, aimless, wonderful day. It is good to not know where the day might take you. I think that is also a good model for learning. Toss the scope and sequence charts out the window along with the lesson plans and text books. Just begin the journey and see where it takes you. I think wonderful classrooms are places where teachers are surprised along with their students as they discover something new together. THAT is ishful learning.

    Artify Yourself

    A young artist friend of mine, Kate, used the phrase “artify” in an e-mail to me this week. Something to the effect of “Let’s artify the world.” I liked that very much. Not only is it a word that the spell checker is thrown by, but it sounds like art and fortify all in one. I do believe passionately that the arts do fortify, enrich, and develop our human potential for innovation, understanding and empathy. On that note, let’s all get artified this week. Visit a museum with a friend, bring a child to an opera, write someone a real letter and dip it in color, buy a colossal coffee table book about Mexican murals, or write the lyrics to a song titled “Artify the World.”

    New Prints of a Prince!

    Here is a watercolor image that flowed out of me one day. It was not for a publisher or client - it was an image that came to me while I was having some “dream time.” The boy emerged with a crown and soon he was surrounded by an entourage of strange beasts and creatures. It was exciting for me to see this scene emerge out of the mist of the paper. Check out my Gift Gallery for information on adding “A Prince Among Monsters” Giclee print to your artified home gallery.

    To learn more about my latest Giclee print, click here...
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  • Until the next ish-ue, be sure to take a little "you" time to dream.


    Copyright 2006, Peter H. Reynolds. All rights reserved.