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    Issue 3
    April 2006

    Another ish-ue...

    Welcome! As I write this, I am looking out my window at the city of Bologna here in Italy. I just attended the Bologna Children’s Book Fair with my sister, Jane who, with Mr. Peter Wright, helmed the the FableVision booth. I spoke to a wonderful “United Nations-ish” group of publishers, artists, writers, and educators at the Global Learning Initiative (GLI) Pavilion at the Fair. I was amazed how my message of “More Creativity, Less Mindlessness” resonated world-wide. One ishful highlight of my trip was meeting Marinella Barigazzi, the Italian translator of my books The Dot and Ish! This experience has reminded me that there is an ishful world of possibilities out there. I hope you enjoy this issue of Ishful Thinking, chock full of ideas, activities, thoughts and examples to inspire ishful thinking in you, and the people around you!


    On My Desk: Projects in the Works

    I am busy finishing up the art for a new book, Someday (Athenaeum Books for Young Readers) written by Alison McGhee. I am collaborating with the same team at Simon & Schuster that helped create my SugarLoaf books. The next SugarLoaf book, Best Kid in the World, will be released later this year. Also on my desk: A new Judy Moody book and a new Stink book! I also wrote 4 new stories last month which no one has read yet! You’ll be one of the first to know though. So... stay tuned!

    Ishful Thinking Activity of the Month

    Judy Conk, president of Consulting for Results wrote: “I'm going to use Ish at a meeting at ASCD this weekend as we review the design matrix for the Asia Society's Small International High Schools. We have crumpled several drafts and now I want them to see we have an ISH draft. It works wonders with adults too!” You can try this with any plan. It takes the pressure off of feeling you have to get it perfect right out of the starting gate. Feel free to explore the ideas and options rather than being mired in details.

    To contact Judy, who is a wonderful educator and ishful thinker: consult4results@optonline.net

    Ishful Art Activity of the Month

    My version of what I call “pop art!” with an ish- twist (a twisht?) entails doodling a few vases of flowers. Use a nice thick crayon or grease pencil (my fave) on white-ish paper. Choose the image that you feel has the most “je ne sais quois” and then carefully cut the vase out, leaving just a smidge of a border. Add some colors to a separate rectangle, and then glue your vase to it! Your vase will pop from the background! Check out the ishful art of Henry H. from Dedham, Massachusetts. He created this in one of my workshops at The Blue Bunny. My workshops are designed to inspire creativity for kids and “grown up kids.” Remember – my methods are SUGGESTIONS – feel free to paint, chop, glue any way you feel suits your creative flow best! Make it your own! Make your mark and see where it takes you!

    Ishful Writing Activity of the Month

    Try writing a story with a happy ending. I have the good fortune of visiting many schools across the country and around the world. I read students’ creative writing quite a bit. It gets mailed and e- mailed to me as well. I have seen a troubling trend in recent years though. I am seeing more and more writing involving violence. It is a reflection, I am sure, of the media they are consuming. Videogames especially provide a lot of reference material for kids to draw upon. These games often entail running amok in an environment. I can’t help but think that this is a training ground for aimless thinking. My hope is that we can challenge kids, and ourselves, to think creatively, to think positively and constructively. Rather than a pointless story, try making a point. Power your story with mission. Make it matter. Enlighten and inspire your reader. There was a very good reason I named my studio – FableVision. I am a big fan of stories that teach. A good story can move us in many ways. My hope is that we can see more stories that move the world to a better place.

    Workshop-ish: A Day with Peter (and Paul!)

    My full-day workshop is open to just a handful of ishful thinkers. It is a day of sharing, reflection, art, creativity. You’ll be sharing breakfast and lunch with me, my twin brother, Paul, and fellow creative folks who, like you, will leave with your creativity batteries recharged.

    Click here for info or to register...
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    Wishing you creative weeks ahead! Be brave, be inspired and be active!


    Copyright 2006, Peter H. Reynolds. All rights reserved.