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    Issue 1
    January 2006


    What a year! I hope 2005 was an enlightening and meaningful one for you. While the highlights are not always happy ones, they can be eye-openers – like Hurricane Katrina. I have long been drawn to the “challenged journey” and how to survive... And better yet, thrive.

    A “high-note highlight” for me was seeing my book “Ish” brought to life as an animated film! It is exciting for me to have my work shared with so many people in so many ways. For those of you who have not read Ish, it is an invitation to be brave, to be open-minded and generous, and to share your own voice with the world. The film is now available from Scholastic/Weston Woods and FableVision.

    Happy New Year! To kick off the new year, I'm very pleased to launch "Ishful Thinking" - my new, semi-regular-ish eNewsletter that I'll be sending out to share thoughts about creativity and positive thinking. I’ll also loop you in on what I'm up to - events, new books, contests, new ideas, etc. I truly love hearing from you - and how you've connected with my mission and how your own mission is making a difference. Please share this e-news with like-minded creative spirits. Wishing you a very “ishful” 2006!


    Celebrating Heroes

    Want a project to tap into your creative energies? Create an award, a letter, a creative thank you to salute a hero.

    My hero is anyone who cares. It is encouraging, and beautiful, to see people who think “outside of themselves”. If I could wave a wand, I’d replace test prep and testing in schools with courses on empathy, community service, and creative thinking. Great educators, caregivers, and parents among those who tend to others on the journey... many challenging journeys... are true heroes.


    As a salute to the heroes in education, I am offering a very rare special offer in my Gift Gallery. For each of my Limited Edition watercolor prints you buy, I will match it with a FREE print of the same art so that you may donate it to a school, classroom, library or hero of your choice. Because the prints are so limited, I have to limit this offer to 5 prints per order. This special will be available only during January 2006, so place your order soon.

    To visit the PHR Gift Gallery and order your print... click here

    Fellowship of the Dot
    Connecting Creative Thinkers

    I am attempting to find all the creative people on the planet and then “connect the dots.” My new “club” is open to anyone who thinks the world needs less “in-the-box” thinking and more positive, creative thinking. Inspired by my books, The Dot and Ish, I have created The Fellowship of the Dot, and if you are receiving this e-mail, you’re already a provisional member. If our paths cross though, you might end up with a wooden pog which, once you have painted your dot (or made some kind of mark) on the reverse side, you become a lifelong member.

    I might be creating classroom kits with a bagful of “dot pogs” in early 2006. Let me know if this is of interest, and I’ll be sure to let you know when they are ready. The Fellowship encourages members to be on alert for people who say they can’t draw... or any kind of “can’t”... and to challenge them to “think differently” about the challenge.

    A North Star New Year
    Ringing in 2006 with Reflection and Inspiration

    Another year. More resolutions. What guides those plans for the new year? Perhaps reading my story, The North Star, will help inspire some “stellar” thinking about the journey ahead. A few years back I created an on-line North Star New Year “recipe” which you are free to use, or adjust to your own needs. I am wishing you a creative and inspired year ahead. Write out your hopes and dreams. Draw them. Paint them. It is part of the process of making them real. Good luck, too, inspiring those around you, especially one or more who might be having a challenged journey.

    For a North Star New Year... click here!
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  • I look forward to sharing the mission with all of you in 2006, and beyond. There's a lot of work ahead, but also a lot to celebrate!


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