The Dot
written & illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Recognition & Reviews



The Christopher Award
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award Winner
Irma S. and James H. Black Honor--Bank Street College of Education
Publishers Weekly - STARRED Review
Booklist - STARRED Review
Chicago Public Library Best Books for Children and Teens
School Library Journal - STARRED Review
Nick Jr. Family Magazine - "Best of 2003" Awards - "Most Inspiring Book"
Borders Original Voices Selection
"Best Book of the Year" - Valerie Lewis "Children's Book Review"/Hicklebee's
Book Sense 76 selection
Babyzone Amazing Book Awards 2003
Book Links Editor's Best of 2003
Chapman Awards for Best Classroom Read-Alouds


"Top Ten Arts Books for Youth"



"A wise and delightful tale for all ages."

Yellow Brick Road

"This is a charming fable about faith and art. Reynolds's drawings have just the right lightness and whimsy to keep it all afloat in a cartoony watercolor-washed world."

Boston Globe


"We had terrific discussions about 'making your mark.'"

Teaching K-8

"In other hands this story about the power of the creative spirit could be preachy and overdone, but Reynolds keeps the voice fresh and the message subtle."

Book Links

"Readers can wonder about unsigned works that lie before us all."

Chicago Tribune

"A fable about the creative spirit in every child."

Nick Jr. Family Magazine

" . . . it may speak to formerly artistic young readers who are selling their own abilities short."

Kirkus Reviews

"Reynolds' pictures in this parable . . . emphasize that all art, from the most impressive masterpiece to a child's simple scrawl begins the same way and by definition there is no right or wrong way to express oneself -- an important lesson for anyone who is learning something new."

Syndicated Column - Lynne Burke

"Simplicity itself, like the dot in the title, this small book carries a big message."

Booklist, starred review

"In this engaging, inspiring tale, Reynolds (illustrator of the Judy Moody series) demonstrates the power of a little encouragement. . . . Reynolds pulls off exactly what his young heroine does, creating an impressive work from deceptively simple beginnings."

Publishers Weekly, starred review

"With art that seems perfectly suited to the mood and the message of the text, Reynolds inspires with a gentle and generous mantra: 'Just make a mark.'"

School Library Journal, starred review

"This small gem of a book tells the story of Vashti. . . . It's the beginning of a love affair with dots in many different colors, sizes and patterns -- and a marvelous lesson about what art is."

Washington Post

"Peter H. Reynolds offers an invitation to self-expression in THE DOT... This 'dot'.... launches the child on a journey of self-discovery."

Publishers Weekly

"This book will be a treasure to any parent or teacher who has had to convince a child that they can do it and then watched in amazement when the child did just what they set out to do."

Babyzone, Amazing Book Awards 2003


"Now, I have to say that The Dot rivals The North Star as being one of the most thought-provoking and inspirational children's book that I have ever read. AWESOME!

It's another "must read" for everyone who works with children!"

Donna Thomas
Educator & Parent
Groveland, Florida

"Dear Peter,

Each year I teach my grade 5 artists how to make accordian books from one sheet of paper. Usually they can fill the book with a visual or written story of thier choice. This year, another art teacher in my district showed me The Dot and I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE STORY!!!

I read The Dot to grade 5 and they really took to it! So, this year I challeneged them to fill their books with dots! Of any kind, shape, texture, etc. I opened up the entire art room in terms of materials to the kids, to see what they could do. Needless to say, the children were extremely exicted to make their dot books and can't wait to do more!

THANK YOU for writing this fabulous story!"

Art Educator,
Franklin, MA

"I am very moved by the work you are doing, and the way in which you share your spirit and beliefs so openly. There is nothing quite like watching someone who is clear about 'who he is' and 'what he came in to create'. The warmth and light that comes through being aligned with your true purpose is unmistakable!

Thank you for sharing The Dot with us. You are awesome!"

Pam Reardon

Copyright 2004, Peter H. Reynolds. All rights reserved.