Frequently Asked Questions About
Peter's Books

Peter gets many questions about his books, both in person, and through letters and e-mail. Below are some of the questions about his books that he recieves the most, and his answers!

What was the first book that you ever wrote?

I've been writing stories of course since I was very young. I wrote a special chapter book in 1994 that was designed for a math problem solving kit. It was called Fizz & Martina's Not-For-Profit Pet Resort Mystery.
The book though that I consider to be my first was The North Star.

How many books have you made?

Well, I have probably written about 65 stories. Some are books, some are short films, some are interactive stories on the web, some books I have illustrated and some I have illustrated and written. I'd say that doing both the art and writing is my favorite. I have about 6 new books in the works and ideas for about 100 more!

What is your favorite book that you have made?

That's a tough one! I'd say, The Dot is my current favorite. I love seeing how it inspires people to be brave - to make their mark!

What is your favorite book?

Another tough question! So many good ones! As a child, my favorite was Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. I am also a big fan of Charles Dickens, William Steig, among others.

How long does it take you to make a book?

About 18 months from the idea popping into my mind until the time I can walk into the bookshop and see it on the shelf! In publishing, a year and a half is considered fast. It takes time to craft a book. Lots of revisions, and making sure it all makes sense and will be enjoyed by people around the world.

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